A series of reports about Enove's tenth anniversary Enove


Enove 10th anniversary celebration activities are not only the test of physical strength

and endurance, more of a culture, a spirit, a concept of infiltration! The touch is still on

the aftertaste... ... On October 31, to expand the sharing meeting,we are high

atmosphere, warm interaction.


▲Express their own views, a lot of thoughts, relaxed and happy, laughing constantly......


 ▲Call out "we are the best team" and have faith in the future


Ten years, there are too many stories, too many moving, we tell the story of Enove,

to express feelings with Ino, to show confidence in the future, Enove has many talented

person, they all show their talents, with his own work to Enove"tenth birthday" gift.


▼On November 9,Enove tenth anniversary employee’s  selection solicitation

▼Shortlisted works on-site show, with various types of works, such as articles,

   paintings, handicrafts,poems, etc., which are perfect Show the talents of the partners .

▼Fifteen entries shortlisted, the scene selected, the final ten works won the award

   for outstanding works.

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