Enove 2018 Annual Meeting

        January 27, 2018, outside the snow dancing, the house boiling, Enove "hand in hand ten years, thank you" company annual meeting was held. Enove all staff gathered together, welcomed a total of New Year, share the honor, look to the future.

The annual meeting is rich in content, warm atmosphere, full of vitality, Enove family warmth and enterprising demonstrated most vividly. Just passed in 2017, coincided with Enove's 10th birthday! This year, the company all my colleagues struggling, Enove's friends from all walks of life, partners, full support, reached the set goals, harvest honor. Without your company, there is no Enove today, thank you!


 ▼Sign admission, receive gifts


 ▼General manager xiaopeng Qin delivered the speech.

 Sigh for ten years of hardship, summary of the harvest, grateful partners to give.

  ▼The theatrical performances are wonderful and elaborate.

  The staff made up their own performance, professional actors helped to

  join the game, the game interaction exploded like thunder.


  ▼ Annual outstanding staff recognition

  Relentless efforts in the coming year, create success!

  ▼The lucky draw, which is expected and exciting.

   First, second and third prizes bloom, lucky ones are excited

  ▼Today is a good day

  Send my best regards to my birthday buddies


 ▼we are different - Enove family

 We are young, energetic and brave in the future


  Let go of the glory of the past and join hands for the next

  ten years. From now on, we will make a new journey

                                2018! Run, boys!


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