Qin xiaopeng, general manager of the company, was rated as


On December 2, 2018, the third "Chongchuan District Top Ten Outstanding Youth" selection activities jointly organized by the Communist Youth League of Nantong City Chongchuan District Committee, District Party Committee and District Youth Federation was successfully concluded.

Qin xiaopeng, general manager of the company, has won the honor of "top ten outstanding youth of chongchuan district" together with nine other comrades, standing out from nearly 100 outstanding candidates in various industries and fields of the society by virtue of his outstanding performance of "based on the enterprise, enterprising and innovative, and cultivating chongchuan" for many years.



This activity was officially launched in September 2018, and nearly 100 outstanding young people participated in the selection after being recommended by organizations and individuals. After the preliminary evaluation of the organizing committee, social publicity and other links, the final 30 outstanding young people into the candidate.

    On the afternoon of December 2, 2018, 30 candidates staged the order according to the order of the lottery, and exhibited live demonstrations around their own post experiences and suggestions for the development of Chongchuan.



     he judging panel will score the spot according to the candidate's deeds and on-site elections, and finally select the Top Ten Outstanding Youths in Chongchuan Districtaccording to the number of votes.



The selection activity is aimed at outstanding young people from all walks of life in chongchuan district, covering all walks of life in all fields. It focuses on recommending, selecting trees and publicizing outstanding young people who have made great contributions to chongchuan's economic and social development. It sets up and publicizes advanced models among chongchuan young people and gives full play to the exemplary role of outstanding young people.

Strong youth leads to strong nation. Chongchuan youth will use their firm ideals and beliefs, excellent ability and ability, and pioneering spirit of innovation to carry forward the new trend of The Times and contribute their youthful strength to the construction of "strong, richbeautiful and high" new chongchuan.


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