The Enove Company Annual Meeting and Awards Ceremony was held



On January 15, 2019, the annual meeting and annual award ceremony of Enove started grandly. Looking back on the past year, there are harvest regret, more is the joy of progress! We are stepping on a solid pace of continuous growth, capacity expansion, sales growth, the environment continues to optimize, small partners united as one, wrote a beautiful touching chapter. 

They entered enthusiastically

General Manager Qin Xiaopeng delivered a speech


The young team is dazzling and beautiful, and the younger partners are full of vitality, self-made and self-produced, injecting a beautiful style for the annual meeting.


A good team is the cornerstone of the company. Enove encourages every employee to strive for excellence and provide a strong example for team building.

             Excellent collective and excellent employees of the year 


The atmosphere of relaxed and lively in the lottery to the climax, lucky prize, first, second and third prize, hongbao rain, so that the presence of the small partners excited, Shouting, exclamation and surprise let the party continue to heat up!







Enove is united by a group of dedication and youthful partners who have come to the present day. Under their inspiration, more and more new forces are emerging. Praise and cheer for their long-term.

                        ▼Award long-term contribution awards



Enove cares about employees everywhere, we care about their work, grow together, and pay attention to the subtleties of their lives. It coincides with the birthday of the little friends and gives them the most sincere wishes!




There will always be a moment of a happy event, and the pace of progress will never stop. Grateful companionship, dreams of peers, look forward to 2019, and then take a good journey!












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